• chuckit_flying_squirrel


    Chuckit Flying Squirrel

    A far flung game of fetch! The Flying Squirrel is a throwing toy with raised sides for easy pickup. With durable rubber feet, the Flying Squirrel also floats in water!

    $12.99 - $17.99
  • Chuckit Fetch Wheel


    Chuckit Fetch Wheel

    The Chuckit! Fetch Wheel is an innovative toy that bounces and floats, but also rolls on the ground so the dog can chase it and fetch it back. Encourages the dogs natural instincts to chase and herd...

    $21.99 - $29.99
  • chuckit_breathe_right_ball


    Chuckit Breathe Right Ball

    Our fantastic launcher compatible Breathe Right Ball offers a unique design that allows airflow into dogs lungs whilst being carried. It’s also incredibly durable and eye-catching. 

    $9.99 - $12.99