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    Redbarn Bully Slices, 9oz

      Did Someone Say, “Secret Sauce”?  Bully Slices® pack delicious flavor into a thick, all-natural cowhide, starting off as a harder chew and softening as your dog continues to chomp down. And we’re confident they...

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    Redbarn Beef Filled Hoof

    Dogs can’t seem to keep their paws off Redbarn’s Natural Hooves. It’s probably because these chews are long-lasting without the need for any added ingredients. Why? It’s all about the texture. Made from cleaned and...

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    Redbarn Filled Munchie Retrievers

    Flavor Filled Treats to Fetch, Munch, or Crunch It’s easy to see why dogs can’t resist Redbarn’s rawhide treats. Each treat features a tough, crunchy exterior, filled with signature flavors like beef, chicken, and...

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