Renee's Garden ' Queenette' True Thai Basil Seed

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True Thai Basil


(Ocimum basilicum)
EXCLUSIVE – This tropical-looking ornamental basil has dense 1/2 inch leaves that grow in clusters around distinctive purple stems. Imported directly from our best Thai seed producer, Queenette's exotic flavor combines aromatic mild sweet spices with clove/mint basil flavor. It is a critical ingredient in Southeast Asian dishes and marvelous in stirfries, chutneys and marinades. An eye-catching herb to interplant with flowers for "edible landscaping." Plant Queenette basil to enjoy growing and cooking with authentic Thai ingredients.


Summer/fall harvest
Heat-loving, frost tender


Sow seeds 1 inch apart in containers of seed starting mix, 4 to 6 weeks before last expected frost. Keep warm and evenly moist, and provide a good light source. When seedlings are large enough to handle and night temperatures stay above 50°F (10°C), acclimate gradually to outdoor conditions before planting in garden beds or into large pots.


Remember, for success with this easy to grow but cold-sensitive herb, it is essential to sow and/or transplant basil only when weather is warm and nighttime temperatures stay above 50°F (10°C). Harvest sprays of leaves by snipping stems just above two new sprouting lateral branches to encourage lush foliage. Keep flower buds pinched off if you want to extend harvesting. Feed regularly to promote new growth.

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