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  • Local Straw

    Schultz Farms

    Local Straw

    Locally grown straw. Great for bedding. Measurements: 36"x20"x16"  Aproximent weight: 45-50 LBS 

  • Pine Shavings Compressed, 3.2cf

    Gem Shavings

    Pine Shavings Compressed, 3.2cf

    GEM Premier Pine Shavings are primarily kiln-dried Pine shavings. They are an excellent bedding product for both indoor and outdoor animals - large or small. Pine naturally retains a fresh, woodsy aroma. Pine shavings tend to run smaller than Whites or...

  • White Shavings Compressed, 3.2cf White Shavings Compressed, 3.2cf

    Gem Shavings

    White Shavings Compressed, 3.2cf

    GEM Premier White Shavings are a mix of kiln dried Douglas fir and true firs.  What makes our Whites so good for bedding is that it contains almost no phenols! Phenols are the chemical compounds found in what we think of as...

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