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  • Grizzly CBD Calming Aid, 4oz

    Grizzly Pet Products

    Grizzly CBD Calming Aid, 4oz

    Grizzly Calming Aid for Dogs and Cats Unique blend of organically grown, broad-spectrum hemp oil + wild krill oil in a water-based dispersion Inherent source of beneficial cannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD) Includes Valerian Extract,...

  • HomeoPet Anxiety Relief HomeoPet Anxiety Relief


    HomeoPet Anxiety Relief

    Promotes relief from fear or anxiety in pets related to separation, kenneling, vet/grooming visits and other stressful situations. Symptoms: Restlessness Barking Whining Crying Panting Unwanted behavior Feather plucking in birds Benefits: Fast-acting...

  • HomeoPet Feline Anxiety, 15ml HomeoPet Feline Anxiety, 15ml


    HomeoPet Feline Anxiety, 15ml

    Promotes relief from general anxiety in cats and kittens during vet/grooming visits, as a result of a new pet in household and separation from familiar surroundings caused by cattery/boarding stays...

  • HomeoPet Storm Stress, 15ml HomeoPet Storm Stress, 15ml


    HomeoPet Storm Stress, 15ml

    Can reduce stress in pets exhibiting fear from thunderstorms, rainstorms, hurricanes, howling winds, and similar weather or noise events. Symptoms: Barking Whining Howling Hiding Bolting Trembling Benefits: Fast-acting liquid No known side effects May...

  • HomeoPet Travel Anxiety, 15ml HomeoPet Travel Anxiety, 15ml


    HomeoPet Travel Anxiety, 15ml

    Promotes relief from fear of travel, visually induced motion sickness and other stressful situations for pets, including traveling in cars, boats, trains, planes. Symptoms: Drooling Pacing Panting Hiding Throwing up Benefits: Fast-acting liquid No...

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