First Aid
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    3M Company Vetrap

    3M Company Vetrap Sticks only to itself and conforms snugly to the contours of hard-to-bandage areas Made of lightweight and porous material it allows skin to breathe and won't absorb moisture This flexible bandage can be used to apply pressure and...

  • Vet Worthy Feline Nursing Kit

    Vet Worthy

    Vet Worthy Feline Nursing Kit

    For orphaned or newborn kittens or when mothers can't provide enough milk. Contains 2 ounce nursing bottle, bottle rush and 5 nipples to meet your pet's specific needs. ​Item # 0012N  - 1 kit

  • Vet Worthy Feline Wound Spray

    Vet Worthy

    Vet Worthy Feline Wound Spray

    Veterinarian gentle antimicrobial formula to heal skin and kill topical bacteria, ringworm and viruses. Available in a spray bottle. Item# 0053N - 4 liquid ounces


    Vet Worthy

    Vet Worthy Inflatable Collar

    Protective inflatable collar helps prevent dogs from reaching injuries, rashes or post surgery wounds.  Collar allows dogs to eat and drink, easier on your dog's neck than a cone collar, design features a security strap with secure fit Velcro...

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