Wag More Bark Less Kangaroo Filet, 1.76 oz

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Wag More Bark Less Kangaroo Filet

  • As Kangaroo is a unique protein, it has many hypoallergenic properties compared to common allergen proteins like Beef or Chicken
  • Kangaroo has plenty of Omega-3 which is good for the heart
  • Kangaroo Fillet is a single ingredient - just meat and that's it!
  • Working towards a sustainable future means caring for our planet like we care for your doggos – inside and out. We’re fully aware of our ecological paw-print and work closely with our suppliers to ensure best sustainable practices.
  • It's important to us that nothing nasty goes into our treats and nothing nasty goes in to our packaging. That's why our WAG bags and tags are 100% recyclable.

Kangaroo Fillet is a crunchy treat that is made from Kangaroo Heart. It is the densest Kangaroo protein treat that WAG stocks. Protein is the building block for organs and tissue and also allows for the regulation of body temperature and flow of blood cells. Kangaroo Fillet is high in iron, which encourages the production of red blood cells. Iron gives dogs the energy to run around and play. Kangaroo Fillet is also high in zinc which is important for high energy levels but also great for growing dogs. Kangaroo is a lean meat and comes from free range Kangaroos. Kangaroo is high in Omega-3 which means it is a treat that is healthy for the heart. As it is a Kangaroo product, it is easy on the tummy for pups with allergies to common proteins like Beef or Chicken.


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