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Smart Pot Long Fabric Raised Bed, Black

Smart Pot

$56.99 - $107.99
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Smart Pots Long Fabric Raised Bed, Black

6 Foot, 8 Foot and 12 Foot

The Long Bed fabric raised bed offers all the benefits of a Smart Pot in a raised garden bed. This weatherproof bed is easy to set up: just unfold, fill and grow! The 10. 7 square feet of growing space is enough to plant a small vegetable, flower or herb garden. Built-in partitions maintain the rectangular shape. It warms quickly in the spring, releases excess heat in the summer, and provides excellent drainage for healthy plants. The Long Bed material provides aeration and air root pruning for vigorous root systems. Your plants are also protected from underground pests like gophers and moles. Made of a rugged non-woven polypropylene material with an average lifspan of 3-5 years