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Donation Requests

Alaska Garden & Pet Supply Inc/Alaska Mill & Feed has been locally owned and operated since 1950.  


We have worked hard to cultivate a strong connection to many organizations and groups throughout the state of Alaska.  


As we continue to grow our business we look forward to being able to assist many more local organizations.   


All requests for donation/sponsorship support must consist of:

  • The donation/sponsorship request must be completely filled out.

  • Your application must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to your scheduled event or need for support  

We offer two options for support:

  • Non-monetary gifts including (but not limited to) Alaska Mill & Feed gift cards and/or Merchandise having a typical retail value of $50 to $100.  If approved, your donation may be used at your discretion. The donated item(s) can NOT be returned or exchanged once issued.

  • Sponsorship consists of our monetary support in exchange for advertising, media support, or event inclusion that directly benefits Alaska Mill & Feed. Sponsorships are extremely limited and will only be awarded to locally based organizations and groups.  Please note that we do not sponsor individuals due to our focus on impacting as many people in our community as possible.

Alaska Garden & Pet Supply, Inc/Alaska Mill & Feed reserves the right to deny any donation or sponsorship request.


All requests will be reviewed for authenticity. Any application that is not complete will be subject to further inquiry or denial.  


Thank you for your interest in Alaska Mill & Feed.