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Wholesale Division

With it's humble beginning in 1964, Alaska Garden & pet Supply Inc. now has manufacturing facilities for animal feed, fertilizer, ice melt and wild bird seed. We are a proud Alaskan, Employee-Owned company making products for Alaskans.

A wide variety of animal feeds are produced at Alaska Garden & Pet Supply. This includes eight different horse mixes, four cattle mixes, and eight poultry mixes. And for other animals, two pig mixes, sheeps and goat mixes and rabbit feed. From Alpaca's to Wild Game, we have an animal feed to help provide great nutrition for Alaska's special conditions.

Alaska Garden & Pet Supply, Inc offers a wide variety of fertilizers under the Arctic Gro label. We stock several formulas in 50# bags. We also have the capability to produce custom blends for specific soil needs as well as blending formulas in one ton bulk bags.

During the winter months, our fertilizer plant is used to produce the best ice melt and grip in Alaska. We even carry ice melt that is suitable to use around pets. Whatever quantity you need, we have it!

We are also distributors for quite a few pet food and pet supply brands. For more information on what we carry, email us today at



Wholesale Office: 907-222-2047

Order Inquiries:

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To set up and keep an active wholesale account, the following requirements must be met:
          o A current business license.
          o Opening a wholesale account is subject to visit from a sale representative.
          o Minimum annual purchase of $2,500.00. Wholesale account purchases will be reviewed annually.


Price breaks are subject to business categories. They are not across the board on all products.

Some items are subject to be ordered by case quantities and special-order restrictions may apply.

Feed discounts are subject to tonnage quantity breaks and minimums. Wholesale price breaks start at a combined tonnage for 4 tons per month. Bulk bag purchases are a minimum of two tons at a time.

In case of any order discrepancies or damage, please submit claim with 72 hours of receiving shipment.

Special Orders: A 50% down payment will be required.

Late Payment Fee: Accounts are due in full within 30 days of invoice. A finance charge of 1.0% per month will be applied for late payment.

Restocking Fee: Product returned will be assessed a 20% restocking fee. Inspection of product before returned is mandatory. Product must be clean, dry, undamaged, and resalable. Some conditions apply and some products are non-returnable due to food safety.

Order/Pallet Holding Fee: Order staged for pick up that are still here after 5 days will be assessed a 1 $10/pallet/day storage fee.

Credit Card Fee: A 3% credit card fee will be applied. If you are paying with a credit card, please have your information available at the time you place your order. Your credit card will be run when your order is ready to be released for pick up or delivery.

Wholesale discounts are not valid at the Retail outlet of Alaska Mill Feed and Garden Center.