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Accessibility Statement

Alaska Garden & Pet Supply, Inc.

dba Alaska Mill Feed & Garden Center, Inc.

Accessibility Statement

Our company continuously strives to make our website accessible. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and meeting the needs of all of our customers, including those with disabilities. We are continuously striving to meet the recommendations made by the World Wide Consortium (W3C)'s Web Content Acessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level A/AA and new guidelines as they are adopted and accepted as "best practices".

While our goal is to use these design standards to help customers identify, interpret, understand, and interact with information presented on our websites and mobile apps, it's possible that some standards are subjectively implemented and/or impacted by 3rd party tools outside of our control. Despite these challenges, as accessibility standards continue to evolve, we will continue to monitor and improve our online accessibility. We welcome any feedback and all inquiries will be treated confidentially, be investigated to help our company better serve everyone trying to engage with our products/services, and will receive an update once we evaluate your feedback.


For the best experience when navigating our digital content, we recommend using the most current version (or the version released just prior to) of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

If you need assistance

If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this website, please feel free to email us at and we will provide the information you're looking for through a communication method that is accessible for you consistent with applicable law (for example, through telephone support).

Effective Date

This Accessibility Statement was last updated on September 19, 2023.