Icebug Studded Shoes

Grip where you expected to slip. Welcome to the world of Icebug, where slippery conditions make it more fun to get out.


- Icebug produces the world's best traction footwear
- Icebug minimizes their negative environmental impact
- Icebug inspires and invites others to join them outdoors

woman holding a shoe in a store

LeeLani - Human Resources

Favorite Product: Icebug Studded Shoes


LeeLani absolutely rants and raves over the Icebug Studded Shoes! With how unpredictable our Alaskan winter roads are, she is confident walking on the ice and snow with her Icebugs. 


The BUGrip outsole contains 17 carbide studs on each shoe, guaranteeing you'll stay upright during the icy conditions. Whether she's out running errands or walking her dog, Icebugs give her the confidence she needs in the winter. 

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