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    Earth Animal

    Earth Animal Flea & Tick Collar

    Formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein, our Nature's Protection™ Flea & Tick Herbal Collar for dogs is the natural alternative to traditional collars that are made with harsh, synthetic chemicals. Each collar is infused with a natural blend...

    $13.99 - $15.99
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    Earth Animal

    Earth Animal Flea & Tick Spot on Dogs

    Mother Nature doesn't use synthetic chemicals. Neither do we. Our philosophy is simple and 40 years strong. We believe that dogs and cats should never be the carriers of synthetic chemical insecticides or pesticides. Ever. As seasons change, so...

    $12.99 - $15.99
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    Vetality Avantect II for Dogs

    Repels & Kills Fleas, Flea Eggs, Ticks and Mosquitoes Vetality Avantect II contains imidacloprid, permethrin and pyriproxyfen – the active ingredients found in K9 Advantix II® for dogs*. Vetality Avantect II is vet quality protection but...

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