Alaska Ruff Pumpkin & Tumeric Dog Treat, 3oz

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The perfect blend of spent barley from a local brewery, pure coconut MCT oil, puréed pumpkin, and turmeric. 

Boasting many health benefits, pumpkin is an excellent treat for dogs. That’s why we use a pumpkin purée. It's nutrient rich and does wonders for your dog’s digestive and immune systems, all while supporting their eyes, skin and coat. We’ve combined this with a turmeric-curcumin root powder, a powerful anti-inflammatory that can work as a canine-friendly ibuprofen.

~ Large treats and small treats recommended dosage is 1 - 4 treat/s a day or 20 minutes prior to physical/stressful activity.

~ If your dog is showing signs of discomfort, additional treats may be necessary.

~ Remember, you know your dog best and if something will work for them or not. Our treats do not have adverse effects if your pup eats too many... Well, maybe a little upset tummy due to the rich ingredients. And starting out less is always best.  Happy Wholesomeness.

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