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Deep Blue Sea Face Mask - Alaskan Kelp & Clay, 1.3oz


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A cooling + detoxifying clay face mask with wild Alaskan kelp and peppermint.   
Ingredients: French Green clay, Alaskan Bull Kelp, Peppermint leaf
The herbal face mask comes to you as a dry concentrate, ready to be mixed to your desired texture with your liquid of choice. We suggest mixing the powder with warm honey or water, yogurt, or your favorite plant hydrosol. In a small dish or the palm of your hand, mix 1-2 tsp powdered mask with liquid until a paste of your desired consistency forms. Apply liberally to the face and neck, taking care to keep product out of the eyes. Kick your feet up with some good music, a favorite beverage, and allow mask to rest and dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and pat skin dry. Follow up with a few drops of Wildflower Facial Oil for a total luxury experience. For external use only.

Naturally exfoliate, replenish nutrients, soften, & refresh your skin with the magic of the deep blue sea.

This herb and clay face mask features an invigorating blend of Alaskan bull kelp and peppermint to enliven your senses and soften your skin. French green clay cleanses and draws out impurities for a bright and glowing complexion.


A crisp, cool sea breeze kissing your cheeks.


Key Ingredients

Bull Kelp

Harvested by hand from coastal rocky shorelines in Southeast Alaska, wild kelp lends your skin a rich profile of marine nutrients and minerals that are known to support healthy cell turnover and collagen production. Kelp’s mucilaginous properties (the reason it feels slippery, like a fish in water) are soothing, protective, and emollient to your skin.

French Green Clay

This clay lightly exfoliates the skin while naturally drawing away impurities as your masks dries and is then rinsed off.