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Scratch and Peck Organic Starter Crumbles, 35lb

Scratch and Peck

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Scratch and Peck

Organic Starter Crumbles with Grub Protein

Perfect all organic feed for chicks 0-8 weeks and ducks 0-4 weeks.

Every bag of Scratch and Peck Organic Starter is packed full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. All put together to promote the healthy growth of those chicks and ducklings. Perfect to help grow those bones, muscles and adorable fluffy feathers. 

These crumbles are packed full of ingredients you recognize and trust; wheat, barley, peas and grubs. The grubs feast on pre consumer food waste which is excellent for the environment as well as sustainable. A total win for you and Mother Earth!

Worry free feed that is perfect for those baby chicks and ducks.