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Roam Pet Treats Ossy Jerky Dog Treats, Ostrich


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Roam Pet Treats Ossy Jerky Dog Treats, Ostrich, 5oz

Roam chews and treats use only naturally culled novel proteins for their chews and treats. These free range proteins have no GMO's, no antibiotics, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no growth hormones. They are raised ethically and sustainably, which results in a healthier, tastier protein for your dog. Roam Ostrich Jerky, meat treat with limited ingredients prepared with our chef’s recipe for your pet’s big accomplishments. Less fat and less calories than conventional treats.

Get ready to see some serious tail-wagging and floppy ears as soon as you pop this delicious and freshly packed jerky treat out from the deli tray—real chewy heaven made from low fat and low calorie free-roaming Western Cape Ostrich™. Perfect for medium to smaller-sized dogs.

Novel proteins are allergy-friendly protein sources that add variety to your dog's diet. They are low in fat and calories and include a complex and complete set of micronutrients. Beyond nutrition, these exotic novel proteins are widely known for their great flavor and texture.

  • non-allergenic
  • Highly digestable
  • low fat
  • low calorie
  • limited ingredients

Free-roaming Cape Ostrich Meat, Vegetable Glycerin, Pea Fiber, Vinegar, Molasses, Salt, Spice, Rosemary Extract