Roam Pet Treats Ossy Chews, Ostrich

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Roam Pet Treats Ossy Chews Dog Treats, Ostrich, 3oz


The healthiest novel protein treats that are good for dogs, good for people and, good for the planet

Roam Pets is invested in sustainable and mindful harvesting of free roaming, never caged novel protein sources. We’ve taken the lead in providing sustainable, diverse, and great-tasting protein treats for man's best friend.


Roam single ingredient chews and treats use only naturally culled novel proteins for their chews and treats. Ostrich meat may be a type of poultry but it looks and tastes alot like beef. Your best friend will be delighted with the taste and texture. You will be happier that it is lower in fat, has less calories and less cholesterol. 

There is a reason that Veterinarians want you to feed novel proteins they offer nutrient dense proteins. Free range novel proteins are allergy friendly and have 80% fewer calories with a flavor your sidekick is sure to enjoy. None of those nasty additives, hormones or preservatives.

All of this plus 100% all natural and from a sustainable source.

  • non-allergenic
  • low fat
  • low calorie
  • high protein
  • single ingredient