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Roam Pet Treats Extra Large Ostrich Marrow Bone


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Roam Pet Treats Extra Large Ostrich Marrow Bone

Gnawing through this bone is no easy task! Smoked to perfection with an outer hard surface filled with mouth-watering marrow. Western Cape Ostrich™ bones add variety to your dog’s diet while exercising their jaw muscles and fighting boredom.

  • A JOURNEY IN PURSUIT OF GOOD – ROAM is an extraordinary journey in pursuit of good, inspired by our world’s most special ingredients, people, and places. Supporting communities in need, our environment, and animal welfare, ROAM’s dog treats are reserved for pets who truly do good.
  • NOVEL PROTEIN – Novel proteins are leaner than the 'conventional' proteins and pose less allergy risk to our pets and are easily digestible. These sources of highly nutritional, low fat protein come from animals raised in smaller farms, free to roam in their natural habitats, and fed balanced diets without the addition of hormones or artificial preservatives - the result is higher quality meat.
  • OSTRICH DOG CHEW - The XL Smoked Marrow Bone is an Ostrich marrow bone, succulent marrow – a novel protein and is extremely healthy for a long-lasting chew for your furry friend!
  • DOG SIZE – Recommended for large dog.
  • TRUSTED SOURCE – All-natural, Single ingredient, GMO-free, Antibiotic-free, Preservative-free, No artificial ingredients & No growth hormones

100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Western Cape Ostrich™ full shin marrow bone.