Adjustable Check Training Collar for Dogs, 5/8" X 10"- 14"

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Train your dog safely and gently with the Adjustable Check Training Collar™ for Dogs! This collar combines a limited-closure chain loop with soft nylon for comfortable training. The limited-closure chain loop prevents the collar from becoming too tight, while the nylon reduces the loss of neck hair. Plus, its adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit. Your dog will appreciate the gentle guidance and correction this collar provides. Choose from a variety of classic colors and use this collar while training your dog!


Adjustable. Bold, Classic Colors.


Limited-closure training collar for gentle correction.


  • Designed to provide comfortable, gentle training for dogs.


  • Limited-closure chain loop prevents uncomfortable tightening.


  • Soft nylon material reduces neck hair loss.


  • Adjustable design ensures a secure, comfortable fit.


  • Variety of classic, fade-resistant color options.