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Dr. Naylor Dressing Blu-Kote Aerosol Antiseptic Wound, 4.5oz

Dr Naylor

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Dr. Naylor Dressing Blu-Kote Aerosol Fast Drying Antiseptic Wound Spray

Dr. Naylor Blu-Kote Aerosol is a fungicidal and germicidal antiseptic formula that protects dogs and horses against common fungal infections and pus-producing bacteria. It is a wound dressing that is designed to treat surface wounds, abrasions, cuts, infections, chafes, itchy fungus, hoof, foot, and pad sores, galls, proud flesh, and ringworms. The quick-drying formula helps cover wounds to protect against dirt and infection. It penetrates the skin fast to help speed up healing, and dries up the secretion of pox-like lesions and reducing pus formation. Also effective against bumblefoot in hamsters, guinea pigs, and chickens, and goat pox and scratches on horses. It can also be utilized as a marking agent for animals, and to prevent group pecking in chickens.