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Doog Mini Stretch Belt Black


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DOOG Mini Walking Belt for Active Dog Owners Includes 20 Waste Bags and Compartments for Phone, Keys, Money

Whether you like to take it slow or enjoy running and exercising with your dog, the DOOG Walkie Belts will hold all the stuff you need to free up your hands while you enjoy your outing. The DOOG Mini Walking Belt is a smaller compact version designed especially for active dog owners. The Mini Belts hold 20 DOOG pick-up bags in the front pocket which come included and easily replaceable with your own favorite bags. The back pocket has space for your phone, spare key, and cash or credit cards. The elastic adjustable waistband makes the Mini Belt comfortable for running or fast walking with your dog.


  • Designed with active dog owners in mind
  • Great for running or power walking with your dog
  • Back compartment to hold your phone (Fits iphone 8, SE and smaller phones)
  • Comes pre-filled with 20 DOOG pick-up bags. Easily refillable.
  • Hole for headphones included
  • Dimensions 5.91" x 1.18" x 2.95"