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Polkadog Henny Penny Chicken and Cranberry Sticks, 5 oz


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Polkadog Henny Penny Treats

Chicken and Cranberry Sticks


Polkadog's Henny Penny Chicken and Cranberry sticks are not only a crunchy delicious treat they are packed with antioxidants making them a healthy pet snack. They are a healthy alternative treat that cat's and dog's will both love. These stick treats are packed with rich cranberries and all natural chicken raised on U.S. farms. 

These savory and crunchy sticks will allow you to indulge Fido and Kitties snacking whims. They are made with limited ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to the fur kids, especially because these treats are infused with vitamins and fiber. 

Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Brown Rice, Potato Flour and Cranberries


Handmade treats sourced and baked right here in the USA.