Heritage Native Seed Mix, 1lb

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Heritage Native Mix:

  • 35% Boreal Red Fescue
  • 35% Blue Wildrye
  • 25% Tufted Hairgrass
  • 5% Spike Bentgrass

Grass Seed Planting Instructions:

  1. Till soil to depth of four to siz inches. Rake, level and roll the soil with lawn roller. Repeat this process to eliminate any low spots.
  2. Once the seed bed is even, sow seed at a rate of one pound per 200 square feet. Sow in two directions using one half of your seed each time to give you even distribution. A cross pattern is desirable. Broadcast 8-32-16 fertilizer at a rate of twenty pounds per 1000 square feet. After 45 days reapply the same amount of fertilizer again.
  3. Lightly rake the soil with a bowing motion so seed and fertilizer mixes and is incorporated into the top on helf inch of soil, being careful not to scalp any areas. Immediately water lightly to set the seed and fertilizer in place.
  4. Keep the seed bed moist until germination is complete - a wave sprinkler is desirable - use a find mist to avoid washing of seed. After the grass is established, heavier, but less frequent watering is desirable. The second season we recommend changing to 16-16-16 fertilizer at a rate of 10 pounts per 1,000 square feet twice per season.

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