Alaska Humus, 8 Quart

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Alaska Humus is the ultra-pure, ultra-organic "product" of a very long collaboration between Mother Nature and Father Time. Unique and highly prized, Alaska Humus is the patient and fortunate result of nearly 10,000 years of post ice-age, real-time decomposition by vast numbers and varieties of microbes throughout Alaska's annual cycles of long, dark winters and extremely daylight-intensive summers. Because of its incredible microbiological diversity (an estimated 35,000 species of bacteria and 5000 species of fungi) and -- unlike manufactured commercial compost -- guaranteed absence of any pathogens, chemical impurities or foreign residuesAlaska Humus is the standard for use in successful and assured humus tea brewing and as an extremely stable, long lasting and very fertile garden soil amendment. In short, Alaska Humus is the ultimate natural "compost". No E. coli*. No chemical fertilizers. No herbicides. No pesticides. No fungicides. No antibiotics. Period. So wherever or however you use this amazing soil, please remember: What's not in Alaska Humus is just as important as what is in it!

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