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Victor Rat Glue Trap, 2pk

Victor Pest

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Victor® Rat Hold-Fast® Disposable Glue Traps attract and securely hold rats, snakes, mice and insects with their innovative folding design. The traps are easy-to-use and come pre-baited, for your convenience, with a peanut butter scent. Versatility is what sets this trap apart from the rest. Simply fold the trap to fit in nearly any space! Once they venture onto the trap and become stuck, the long-lasting glue holds them in place until you are ready to dispose of the trap.
Foldable Design Fits Almost Anywhere!The Victor® Rat Hold-Fast® Disposable Glue Traps help protect your home or business from pests like rats, snakes, mice and insects. This versatile trap can be folded over 10 different ways, so you can be confident it will fit in almost any space you need to place it. Each trap can lay flat, be folded to prevent dust or debris from getting on the glue, or they can be folded into a custom shape to place in corners, in between appliances, or underneath furniture. Their versatility does not stop there. You can even tear along the perforated edges to create two separate traps for double the trapping power.
Pre-Baited to Attract PestsEach Victor® Rat Hold-Fast® Disposable Glue Trap comes pre-baited with a peanut butter scent, that rodents and other pests find hard to resist. The scent is a powerful tool used to convince them to step onto the glue. Once the rats become stuck, the long-lasting glue holds them securely in place until you are ready to dispose of the trap.

Have kids and pets at home? No problem. The Rat Hold-Fast® Disposable Glue Traps were designed to be non-toxic and poison-free, making it a safe option for your entire family. When used as directed, they can be safely used around kids, pets, and food.
How to Use Hold-Fast® Disposable Traps: Lay the trap flat or fold into a custom shape so it fits neatly in the area where you’ve noticed rodent activity. If needed, separate the trap into two by tearing along the perforated edge. Avoid placing the trap in areas where birds or non-target animals may come in to contact with the glue.

Monitor the glue trap every day to check if you’ve made a catch. Then, dispose of the trap and its contents in the trash. If you would rather humanely release the rodent(s), apply vegetable oil to the glue and use the blunt end of a pencil to release the rat. Replace the trash when full or as needed.