Havahart 0745 Live Animal One-Door Trap, X-Small

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Havahart® X-Small 1-Door Trap captures small rodents humanely with this Havahart® X-Small 1-Door Trap. Crafted to efficiently trap chipmunks, voles, weasels, squirrels, and rats, this 16-in galvanized steel cage lets you catch and transport small critters for live relocation. The sturdy build and single-door design minimize direct contact with the animal inside and simplifies setup.


Designed by Trapping Professionals the X-Small 1-Door live animal trap is built by experts in the field to ensure a quick, safe trapping experience each time. Its durable steel construction ensures it’s suitable for flying squirrels, weasels, chipmunks or virtually any small rodent. The sensitive trip plate ensures even the lightest animals are able to trigger its operation and the mesh openings are small, ensuring curious creatures can’t steal the bait from the outside.


Easy to Operate, you don’t have to be an animal control specialist to operate this X-Small 1-Door trap. Its design is easy to use, and it features a guillotine-style door that you can lift from the top to avoid making contact with the animal when you release it.


Safe for Animals and Humans a strong door lock keeps the trapped animal safely inside, and smooth, rolled internal edges reduce the risk of injury. To keep you safe, a solid door combined with a protective handle guard prevents you from making contact with the animal.


Durable Construction the industrial-strength 12-gauge galvanized steel mesh of this 1-door trap resists rust and corrosion for reliable performance in outdoor conditions. The solid door and top add durability, ensuring a longer trap life.

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