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Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness, XSM


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Get a lightweight, comfortable harness for your cat with the Comfort Soft® Adjustable Cat Harness! This harness is made with breathable mesh material that keeps cats cool and comfortable while exploring the outdoors. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable for even the fussiest of cats. The innovative design evenly distributes leash pressure across the neck and shoulders, preventing uncomfortable pulling and tugging. No matter what size or breed of cat, this harness will provide a secure fit. The neck adjusts 7"-10" and girth adjusts 11"-14" for the perfect fit. The suggested weight range is 8-10 lbs. Choose your favorite classic color and walk your cat comfortably with this harness!


Breathable Mesh. Adjustable.


Perfect for walking cats and everyday use.


  • Keeps cats cool and comfortable while walking with breathable mesh material.


  • Lightweight design provides comfort even for fussy cats.


  • Evenly distributes leash pressure across neck and shoulders for gentle guidance.


  • Girth adjusts from 11-14" and neck adjusts from 7-10" for the perfect fit.


  • Variety of bright, classic colors.