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Tall No Dig Edging

Valley View

$26.39 - $39.99

Innovative 3″ TALL NO DIG Landscape Edging

  • Available in 20ft & 60ft length
  • 3” wall Height
  • Strong enough for string trimmer
  • Can be used around trees to hold in mulch/stone
  • Use along sidewalks
  • Unravel on pavement a day in advance of installing
  • Connect two pieces together
  • Attach landscape fabric to edging
  • Hammer in stakes vertically

TALL Innovative edging in black or light brown, has many benefits to a landscape design. The 3’’ height allows for more bedding material; stone/mulch than the shorter height no dig edgings in the industry. The edging can be contoured to create curve or straight designs. No digging for installation unless you prefer to have the sidewall lowered in your design. Easily cut to length by use of tin snip or a hack saw. Wear protective gloves before cutting. Perfect for long driveways, sidewalks and ringing trees. Landscape fabric can be installed up to the sidewall and using any of the supplied heavy-duty poly anchor stakes to secure. 


20′ TALL Innovative Edging
10 -poly stakes
Light Brown

60′ TALL Innovative Edging
30 – poly stakes
Light Brown