How to Plant a Lawn | Alaska Mill & Feed

How to Plant a Lawn | Alaska Mill & Feed

Posted by Sheila Macias on Apr 8th 2021

Begin with 4”-5” of good quality top soil. Rake it out evenly and apply:

• 25# of 8-32-16 per 1,000 sq ft

• 50# of Prilled Lime per 1,000 sq ft

• Rake into soil

Use a roller that is weighted with water. Roll the yard in 4 or 5 directions to even out the soil.

After the yard has been rolled, rake lightly with a fan rake and then apply your grass seed. Apply 3-4# per 1,000 sq ft.

When you have finished applying the grass seeds, empty the roller and roll the lawn lightly to press in the seed.

Water lightly and keep soil moist as seed germinates and becomes established.

Mow your grass when it is 4” in height. Once a lawn has been mowed twice, it is considered established.

After four cuttings, fertilize with a maintenance fertilizer such as Arctic Gro 22-11-11 at a rate of 5# per 1,000 sq ft. Water heavily after fertilizing.