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  • Classic Avi-Cakes for Macaw & Cockatoo


    Classic Avi-Cakes for Macaw & Cockatoo

    Parrots have incredible beak abilities; just look at the way your macaw or cockatoo can take a chunk out of your finest furniture and, moments later, take the hull off of a tiny seed. A parrot’s curiosity is often driven by...

  • Classic Avi-Cakes for Small Birds


    Classic Avi-Cakes for Small Birds

    Looking for a fun, easy way to get your parakeet, lovebird, cockatiel, conure, or other small bird off of a mostly seed diet and onto a nutritious food he’ll love? Avi-Cakes were made with your bird in mind! We collaborated with...

  • Cockatiel Nutri-Berries, 4lb


    Cockatiel Nutri-Berries, 4lb

    Let’s be honest; cockatiels can be stubborn seed-eaters. While we know pellets are hands-down a healthier diet, many cockatiels ignore them. Who can blame them? Pellets offer balanced nutrition but little in the way of taste or texture...

  • El Paso Nutri-Berries El Paso Nutri-Berries


    El Paso Nutri-Berries

    Add a little spice to your bird’s life with El Paso Nutri-Berries! They are made with taste-grabbing ingredients like red and green bell peppers and seasoned with cayenne pepper and other exotic spices that your bird is sure to go wild over! El...

    $10.99 - $49.99
  • Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries for Parrots


    Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries for Parrots

    Garden Veggie Nutri-Berries contain all the essential vitamins and minerals pet birds need along with carrots, peas, broccoli, and corn, making them the perfect way to get your feathered friend to eat his veggies, and they contain 20% pellets, too! Like...

  • Kaytee Garden Veggie Treat for Cockatiel


    Kaytee Garden Veggie Treat for Cockatiel

    Kaytee Garden Veggie Treat for Cockatiels are a fun way to add variety to your pet's diet. Garden Veggie Treat is a fortified blend of wholesome, fresh-tasting vegetables and seeds. Feeding Instructions Feed in a separate dish or sprinkle directly...

  • Macaw & Cockatoo Nutri-Berries


    Macaw & Cockatoo Nutri-Berries

    You know the way your macaw holds a walnut in his foot and relishes each bite he takes? Or how your cockatoo waves her favorite treat around in her foot, as if showing it off for all to see? Imagine seeing your bird this happy over a...

    $11.99 - $49.99
  • Parakeet Nutri-Berries


    Parakeet Nutri-Berries

    Parakeets (budgies), lovebirds,and parrotlets might be small, but they can certainly have big appetites. Unfortunately, small birds are often fed a mostly seed diet, which is not only nutritionally deficient, it deprives these adventurous...

  • Parrot Nutri-Berries Parrot Nutri-Berries


    Parrot Nutri-Berries

    Amazon parrots, African greys, Pionus, and other birds can be easy to read when it comes to food preferences. They might screech with delight, do a happy perch dance or eye pin when offered a favorite food. The challenge is that parrots...

    $12.99 - $38.99
  • Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries for Parrots Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries for Parrots


    Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries for Parrots

    Parrots like Amazons, African greys, and Pionus are always on the one-eyed lookout for something extra special at mealtime. These birds crave foods full of taste and texture, which is exactly what they’ll find in Tropical Fruit...

    $11.99 - $49.99
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