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Little Giant Beekeeping Brush 14

Miller Manufacturing Company

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Little Giant Beekeeping Brush 14 in Bee Hive Brush for Beekeepers

  • SPECIALIZED BRISTLES - This brush is perfect to gently remove bees from the hive frames during inspection. The special soft bristles won't harm bees. The bristles are bright yellow, just like the bees!
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION - This beekeeper's brush is made from solid natural wood and strong bristles, the quality construction means no unwanted bristle remnants are left behind with the bees.
  • MANY SCENARIOS - This brush is very useful when keeping bees, as it is important to gently nudge the bees when removing the frames from the hive box for inspections, honey removal, or changing beehives.
  • ADD IT TO YOUR KIT - This essential piece of equipment is a great addition to any backyard keeper's kit, whether a beginner or an expert. This brush works great with other supplies and is great to have when using a smoker, frame feeder or hive tool
  • PERFECT SIZE - This beehive brush is 14 inches long, by 3.5 inches wide at the bristles, with a height of .5 inches. The long length helps to brush across a frame in one motion.