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Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose, 25 ft.


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Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose, 25 ft.

Get water right where it is needed most. Weave the Flat Soaker Hose around the base of your plants and slowly soak only the areas you need. Plants grow strong and lush with minimal run-off as water slowly seeps along the length of the hose. Easily set the hose along a row of tomatoes in the vegetable garden or place the hose in a circle around the base of your maple tree. Our Flat Soaker Hose is easier to use than standard soaker hoses which are hard to bend and even harder to store. The flat design rolls up tightly to store in a small space. Perfect for shrubs, raised beds, or vegetable gardens, the porous Flat Soaker Hose delivers soft and gentle watering with no waste.

  • Backed by a Melnor 2-Year Limited Warranty. Melnor stands behind its products. Need additional information or assistance? Leave a question/feedback below. We value your experience with us.
  • FLATTENS FOR EASY STORAGE - The compact design dripper only takes up about 0.035 ft³
  • EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE - It gets water right where you want it! You can place it above ground or under a thin layer of soil or mulch. The porous hose delivers soft and gentle watering with no waste. It's perfect for raised beds and vegetables!
  • EASY CONNECTION - Included rust-resistant end cap allows multiple hoses to be connected together
  • FITTING SIZE 3/4 INCH - Fits standard garden hose thread