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Melnor Sprinkler Extensions


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Melnor Sprinkler Extensions

Easily elevate the watering around a flower bed or tall plants for a more natural rain like water flow. The 5” extensions attach to the base of a Melnor Adjustable Sprinkler (15335) or combine with the Melnor Multi-Adjustable Garden Watering Set (85568). Up to two extensions can be added on each sprinkler for an extra 10” of height, providing your plants with a soft water flow that will keep them healthy all season long.

  • Three 5” extensions to elevate watering
  • Create a more natural rain like water flow
  • Great for watering around taller plants
  • Works with Melnor® 15335 & 85568
  • Backed by a Melnor® Limited 2-Year Warranty. We stand behind our Products.