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Goat Rock on a Rope Salt Block

Redmond Agriculture

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At Redmond Agriculture, we understand that when your animals feel good, you feel good. That’s why we offer Redmond Goat Mineral Rock on a Rope- a premium sea salt with naturally occurring essential trace minerals. Redmond Goat Mineral Rock on a Rope can be hung and offered free choice.

Why We Love It


Goats are browsers and have a reputation for nibbling on anything from your hat to the kitchen sink. However, they are much more discriminating about what they consume. Goats obtain their mineral needs from forage, feed, and sometimes water supply. Deficiencies are on the rise because feeds and forage often lack the correct quantity and spectrum of minerals goats require for optimum health. According to Mamoon Rashid, sheep and goat specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food, and Rural Initiatives, a free-choice supplement of loose minerals and salts will effectively help you meet the minerals demands of your herd.


Redmond’s Goat Mineral Rock on a Rope and licks contain a complete balance of 60+ essential natural minerals, and you will not have to coerce stubborn animals to eat it. Animals crave our delicious mineral mixes so you can rest assured that your goats are getting the nutrition you are offering them.


Are your animals displaying signs of boredom? Boredom can cause animals to engage in repetitious and sometimes harmful habits like cribbing, property destruction, self-biting, etc. Try hanging a few extra rocks to keep destructive, bored behavior at bay and your animals will occupy themselves licking and nibbling away. Offering Redmond Goat Mineral Rock on a Rope is a nutritious and tasty way to provide enrichment