Renee's Garden 'California Spicy Greens' Signature Salads Seed

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Signature Salads

California Spicy Greens

EXCLUSIVE - This sprightly salad combination is a beautifully balanced mix of piquant, full-flavored salad leaves in a wide range of colors, textures and flavors. Sow, grow and harvest them all together to eat alone or mix with milder lettuces and fresh herbs for a wonderful stand-alone salad course. Contains peppery oakleaf-shaped Arugula, sweet/tart Mizuna, tangy Dijon-flavored Red Mustard and nutty tasting French Curly Endive. 

Equal parts: Arugula, Curly Endive, Mizuna, Red Mustard


These zesty flavored salad greens taste best given consistent moisture and mild weather. To extend the growing season into hot weather, sow in light shade or erect a canopy of loosely woven shade cloth over the bed and water regularly. Birds are often attracted to tender young seedlings, so protect them if necessary.


To harvest by the “cut and come again” method, wait until plants are 3 or 4 inches tall. Cut as much as you need, using scissors to shear off a patch of leaves 1 to 2 inches above the soil level. Water well and fertilize lightly and plants will regrow for several more cuttings. Mix these piquant baby greens with lettuces and fragrant herbs in proportions you prefer.