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Bergan Auto Bucket Seat Protector


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Spend more time traveling and less time cleaning with the Bergan® Auto Bucket Seat Protector! Our new seat protector prevents dirt, water, and fur from getting on your seats. Its machine-washable material and quick-removal design make it easy to clean. Plus, the material stays looking new with a durable material that withstands scratching and chewing. The no-slip design keeps the protector securely in place and can be adjusted to get the perfect fit.


Machine Washable. Non-Slip.


Helps keep your vehicle seats clean.


  • Allows you to travel with your dog without the mess


  • Traps dirt, water and fur to keep your interior clean


  • Machine-washable material makes it easy to clean


  • Adjustable, no-slip design ensures a safe and secure fit


  • Durable material withstands scratching and chewing to maintain sleek design