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Conair Deluxe Indoor/Outdoor Pet Washer


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  • The perfect way to gently wash and deep clean any breed. It can be used indoors or outdoors, great for when Fido decides to roll around in a pile of mud.
  • Dual settings: full body spray or cone-shape curtain spray make sure you are able to get your loved one sparkling clean no matter how dirty they are.
  • Massaging soft rubber fingers for shampooing and deep cleansing make the bathing experience much more enjoyable for your pet.
  • 8-foot reinforced hose make using the soft brush attachment an easy way to massage shampoo in and deep-clean your pet's coat down to the skin.
  • 2 connectors for use in shower or tub, or quick connect to outside hose allowing the convenience of washing the dirt and grime away outside so it doesn't get into your home.

ConairPRO Deluxe Indoor/Outdoor Pet Washer is designed for gentle washing and deep cleansing of all dog breeds. Features dual settings — full body spray or cone-shape curtain spray — and massaging soft rubber fingers for giving your pup the full spa treatment. Includes 8-foot reinforced hose and 2 connectors for use in shower or tub, or quick connect to an outside hose.

Item Number 58168
Lifestage Adult
Material Microfiber, Synthetic Fabric
What's Included

3.25 x 2 x 9 inches high pet washer/sprayer, 3.25 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches high soft brush attachment, 2.5 x 1 x 3 inches high 3-way diverter, 11/16 x 1 1/8 inches dia adaptor for shower head use, 2.75 x 1.5 inches dia quick connector for outside hose use, 8 ft reinforced hose.


HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: Do not use the ConairPro Dog Deluxe pet washer on ANIMALS who are pregnant, nursing, or under 12 weeks old without the recommendation of a veterinarian.


  1. Let your pet see and sniff the ConairPro Dog Deluxe Pet Washer before use. This will alleviate some of the anxiety he may be feeling.
  2. To rinse away shampoo in one specific area, use the cone-shape spray setting.
  3. To rinse away shampoo in a large area, use the full body spray setting.
  4. The hose and pet shower should be used under 80 PSI water pressure.
  5. You can easily attach the soft brush to the pet shower when in use. Push firmly to attach and pull firmly to release.
  6. If water pressure is too high when rinsing your pet's face, release the lever switch slowly and the spray force will decrease slowly.
  7. The pet shower has a water-saving trickle feature. When not in use or when you're applying shampoo, minimal water trickles from the faceplate of the showerhead.
  8. Push the lever switch to use. Release the switch when applying shampoo.
  9. When using outdoors, shut off the main water supply and release the pet washer from the adapter after use.
  10. When bathing an animal's face, wet the face with the cone-shape spray setting, ensuring that you do not spray water directly in your pet's eyes, ears, nose, or mouth.
  • To use outdoors, attach the quick connector to your garden water faucet. Attach hose (large end) to quick connector. Attach hose (small end) to ConairPro Dog Deluxe Pet Washer. Proceed to step 5.
  • To use the system inside, carefully remove your current showerhead.
  • Attach the diverter to the shower arm. Note: The diverter that is included with your unit is designed to fit virtually all standard shower pipes. In the event of a non-standard shower pipe, an adapter can be purchased inexpensively at a local home improvement store. Attach adapter to diverter when attaching the adapter, consider using Teflon® tape to ensure a watertight seal. After you install the adapter, attach the pet washer hose to the diverter and turn the lever so the water flows.
  • Reattach your showerhead to the other part of the diverter.
  • Select the most appropriate shampoo formulation based on your animal's skin and coat condition. Rinse the shampoo for 5 minutes. Variability in water pressure may result in substantially longer rinsing time.