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Simple Mosquito Dunks, 6 pack

Simple Chemical

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The only larvicide with Bti effective beyond a mosquito generation (approximately one to two weeks). Others make claims, but the Dunks are the real deal, safe for use in fish habitats and animal watering troughs, effective in controlling 100 square feet of water for at least thirty days.

Product Information

  • Used by professionals for more than a decade, Mosquito Dunks® have proven their value in destroying Mosquitoes - by killing the larvae before they mature into biting adult pests. Dunks, along with B.t.i. Briquets, are the only sustained-release B.t.i. mosquito larvicides available.
  • Made with natural B.t.i., Mosquito Dunks represent a major breakthrough for people and the environment when compared with the traditional toxic chemical approach to mosquito control.
  • Once a month, float a Dunk in the Water Garden and every place water accumulates around your home - you'll be rid of mosquitoes for the whole season.  Each Dunk will effectively treat up to 100 square feet of surface water regardless of depth.  Dunks may be broken to treat small areas.
  • Unused and dried out Dunks retain their potency indefinitely.  That's a great shelf life.