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Perky Pet Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate, 32oz

Perky Pet

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Liquid Concentrate

Perky-Pet clear liquid-concentrate nectar helps get your hummingbird feeder up and running fast. Hummingbirds will appreciate the beneficial food source, and hummingbird enthusiasts can put their feet up and enjoy watching the dazzling birds buzzing about and dining at the feeder.

Time-Saving Convenience

The 32-ounce bottle of concentrate makes up to 128 fluid ounces of clear hummingbird nectar. To use, simply combine one part concentrate to three parts water and fill the feeder, storing any excess pre-mixed nectar in the refrigerator for later use. Be sure to clean and refill your hummingbird feeder on a regular basis to ensure healthy, happy hummingbirds and repeat visits.

Dye-Free Formula

Made from 100% high-energy sucrose (sugar) with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, the Perky-Pet clear liquid-concentrate nectar mimics the natural flavor and appearance of flower nectar, offering an ideal and necessary food source for hummingbirds. It's free of any artificial coloring or dyes, and hummingbirds will find and enjoy the clear nectar just as much as red-colored alternatives.