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NoNo Feeder Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder


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  • The No/No GSB00344 Perky-Pet Green Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder features a unique mesh wire design, and provides the perfect feeding area for a variety of clinging birds. This 1.12 lb. seed capacity feeder is all metal, and contains no plastic or wood. The special design also keeps water from pooling in the container, keeping the seed fresh longer. This seed ball feeder is low-maintenance, easy to clean, and is sure to keep birds happy all season long. And, the beautiful green finish is sure to complement any outdoor setting.

    • Perky-Pet Wild Bird Feeder has no plastic or wood
    • Feeder holds 1.12 lb of black oil sunflower seed
    • Patented design ensures the highest quality
    • Handsome green finish is perfect for every yard