Whitney Farms Steer Manure Compost, 1.5cf

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A versatile soil amendment comprised of manure and compost that is perfect for all outdoors soil amendment needs.

  • Suitable for all plants, including vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, and lawns
  • Refreshes garden beds with organic matter that helps improve soil structure
  • Won’t burn plants when blended into soil

Just a reminder… Gardening can be a dirty business! We recommend using gardening gloves and washing your hands afterwards. Use with adult supervision and store in a dry area away from kids and pets.

  1. Work up native soil in garden bed with a shovel or tiller.
  2. Apply a 2-3 in. layer of Whitney Farms Premium Cow Manure Plus Compost.
  3. Mix into native soil at a 6 in. depth.
  4. Plant.
  5. Water thoroughly.


Size of garden How much *
24 sq. ft. (6 ft. X 4 ft.) 4 bags
48 sq. ft. (8 ft. X 6 ft.) 8 bags
72 sq. ft. (9 ft. X 8 ft.) 12 bags

* mixing 3in. into 6 in. of native soil

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