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Dalen Gardeneer Season Starter Plant Protectors for Gardens, 3 pk


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Dalen Gardeneer Season Starter Plant Protectors for Gardens, 3 Pack, Cold Weather Frost Guard for Spring to Fall Tomato Planting, Reusable Overnight Protection for Vegetables

  • EXTENDED SEASON PLANT PROTECTION – These frost protectors for plants outdoors helps better protect tomato plants and their roots from wind and overnight temperatures that drop below freezing to improve growth and overall harvest potential.
  • MULTIPURPOSE VINED PLANT USE – Our plant frost protectors can be used for all types of vined fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, squash, broccoli, and other early season favorites.
  • INNOVATIVE MULTI-CHAMBERED DESIGN – Gardeneer plant protectors help extend the growing season using a smarter, plant-friendly shape that lets you plant up to 6 weeks earlier and harvest up to 6 weeks later to maximize fruit production.
  • INSULATING GREENHOUSE EFFECT – The tubes on our plant protectors retain water that is warmed by the sun, which helps insulate plants overnight and into the early morning which allows plants to use their energy producing fruit instead of fighting off cold.
  • LONG-LASTING, REUSABLE PLASTIC – Designed for outdoor tomato gardening use our frost plant protectors can be reused every season or with every new planting to ensure you get maximum value. Each bundle also includes 3 Season Starters.