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Catit Pixi Smart Feeder


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Carefree feeding, right on schedule

The Catit PIXI Smart Feeder will feed your cat portioned meals as scheduled, even when you’re not at home. Use the convenient mobile PIXI app for complete control on the go.

3 Key features

1. Easily schedule and customize your cat’s meals

2. Built-in Wi-Fi and free PIXI app for remote control and notifications

3. Dispenser for dry cat food, with smart technology for optimal convenience


Compatible with all standard food pellet sizes and shapes

The Catit PIXI Smart Feeder can be used with dry food pellets of up to 0.4 in (9mm) in diameter. It has been tested and verified to work with any standard pellet size and shape.

A full food reservoir could feed your cat for about 2 weeks (± 1.2 kg / 42 oz of dry food).

(Average amount for 1 adult cat)