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Fiskars 8 Inch Shrub Rake


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Fiskars 8 Inch Shrub Rake

The slim head of Fiskars Aluminum Shrub Rake makes it easy to clean between shrubs, fences, flowers and more. An impressively lightweight design makes every stroke effortless, while a durable resin head features unique tines designed to flex without breaking. The aluminum handle is tear drop shaped for ergonomic comfort and reduces weight without sacrificing strength. The added length helps reduce with back and arm fatigue.

  • Ideal for raking between shrubs, around flowerbeds and in other tight spaces
  • Lightweight aluminum and resin design reduces weight for easy use
  • Durable tines designed to flex, not break, under pressure
  • Head width: 8 inch and Rake length: 66 inch
  • Lifetime warranty offered through Fiskars