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Missing Link Original Vegetarian Skin & Coat Supplement, 1lb

Missing Link

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The Missing Link Original Vegetarian Skin, Coat & Digestion Powdered Supplement For Dogs & Cats, 1 lb

Try the plant-powered nutrition of The Missing Link Original Well-Blend Skin, Coat & More to add the daily whole food nutrition your fur kiddo needs. With just a spoonful of this powdered superfood supplement, add the essential Omega 3 fatty acids needed to support a healthy skin and coat, energy levels and muscle and tendon function. All of this goodness is in a vegetarian formula free of soy, corn, wheat, nuts, meat or meat-by-products, dairy, eggs, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors; just plant-based nutrients.

Even better? Developed for both dogs and cats, this formula includes probiotics and dietary fiber to add beneficial bacteria and support your pet’s overall and digestive health. Not too shabby for a bunch of plants!

The Missing Link Difference

  • Manufactured using cold-processing to ensure nutrients are never cooked out of our products.
  • Our high quality flax is ground on site for a higher efficacy
  • Unique blend of balanced Omega 3 & 6 provides anti-inflammatory properties. Diets too high in Omega 6 can cause health issues.
  • Our products are either NASC or AAFCO certified.