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Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher Granular, 40lb

Sweet PDZ

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Safeguarding Your Horse’s Health

Ammonia Is More Than an Odor Problem

Ammonia in horse stalls and barns is more than a nuisance — it has serious health consequences. Low levels of ammonia stress a horse’s upper respiratory airways, placing them at risk for pneumonia, heaves, and other serious illnesses. Learn more about the health effects of ammonia.

No Lime, No Coverup

Sweet PDZ absorbs and neutralizes ammonia and odors while providing fresh, safe air for your horse in its stall. A superior alternative to lime products for ammonia removal and moisture absorption, Sweet PDZ’s mineral function neutralizes ammonia and odors where all lime products can only partially cover them up.

Explore the Benefits of Sweet PDZ

All-natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic Sweet PDZ is the choice for thousands of horse, pet, and livestock owners. Explore the benefits and start creating a fresh, healthful environment in your home, yard, or stalls, barn or paddock.

Gritty, larger, and dust-free, granules provide hassle-free application in stall environments and easy clean-up for litter boxes and small habitats. This is the product of choice for use in litter boxes and small animal habitats, Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher Granular is also ideal for use in larger areas for easy clean-out.