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Composter Bin Black, 58gal

Reln Inc.

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Tumbleweed's 58 Gal / 220L Gedye Bin is the best choice for recycling a variety of organic waste from your suburban garden and kitchen into rich compost. This sturdy yet light-weight bin is easy to move around your garden. Simply load the bin and replace the lid, then turn your compost regularly with a Tumbleweed Aerator or Compost Mate to speed decomposition.


  • It's unique corrugated style provides more surface area to allow the bin to heat up for great compost.
  • We've designed the Gedye bin to be made out of 100% recycled plastic, providing a long second life application for post consumer and and post industrial plastics. 
  • The Gedye Bins solid lid and holes around the bottom edge make this the most vermin proof compost bin.