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NaturVet Hemp Shampoo Hypoallergenic, 16oz


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Hemp Shampoo – Hypoallergenic

Veterinarian Formulated & Recommended

NaturVet® Hemp Hypoallergenic Shampoo for dogs is fragrance free, sulfate free, paraben free, and is specifically formulated for pets with sensitive skin. Soothing formula gently cleanses while the synergistic blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Oat Oil, and Aloe Vera helps to replenish the natural moisture balance of your pet’s skin and coat. Your pet’s coat will be left feeling soft, hydrated, and healthy.

  • Gentle, soothing formula cleanses and moisturizes.
  • Hemp Seed Oil, Oat Oil, and Aloe Vera helps to soothe dry skin.
  • Cruelty-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free.


Purified Water, Naturally-derived Coconut Oil Based Cleansers, Foaming Agents and Moisturizers, Glycerin (humectant), Naturally-derived Coconut Oil Foam Stabilizers and Thickeners, Aloe Vera Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Oat Oil (Avenasativa Extract), Food Grade Preservatives.