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Howling Dog Thermo Coat, Red

Howling Dog

$67.19 - $80.99
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Keep your dog or the whole dog team warm in this state of the art dog coat!

We are confident to say that our ThermoCoat® is the warmest dog coat currently on the market. Unique porous lining traps the dog's body heat. Durable water repellent outer layer protects from elements. Velcro closures are secured by straps with plastic buckles. Adjustable neck opening and belly band. The super wide body strap (belly band) will protect the majority of the belly. Our ThermoCoat® features reflective tape as desired by mushers traveling at night and also for increased nighttime visibility for pet dogs. Tested and used in the Iditarod and Yukon Quest sled dog races!


To choose the right size, measure from above the dog's shoulders (base of the neck) to the end of the body / the base of the tail. It is better for the coat to be a little longer than too short. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO GO WITH A COAT THAT IS ONE SIZE LARGER THAN THE GIVEN BODY LENGTH MEASUREMENT.



  • XS (20 in.), 20 - 30 lbs.
  • S (22 in.), 30 -40 lbs.
  • M (24 in.), 40-50 lbs.
  • L (26 in.), 50 - 60 lbs. 
  • XL (28 in.), 60 -70 lbs
  • XXL (30 in.), 70 - 80 lbs.